The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the scientific domain is expected to have transformative effects across different research areas. Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science are among the research fields that are expected to benefit the most from the adoption of new AI tools and approaches. The Spanish Network of AI for Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science is an ongoing initiative that aims at boosting the adoption of AI in Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science in Spain. To attain this mission, the network focuses on the following three main lines of activity:

  • Creation of an on-line platform that gathers and connects Spanish research groups and companies working on the application and development of AI tools to scientific problems, particularly focusing on Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science.
  • Development and maintenance of an open repository in which the members of the network can share algorithms, codes and databases that can help in the application of AI to scientific problems.
  • Dissemination of the use of AI in Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science, through a number of activities including a seminar series, training sessions, summer schools and outreach activities.

In this webpage we will post the different activities of the network (starting from the initial list of groups involved in this initiative, which you can already find below). If you would like to join the network or you have any comments, questions or thoughts about it, please contact the network co-organizers, Jorge Bravo-Abad and Alexandre Dauphin.