The symposium will be held in the framework of the XXXIX RSEF Physics Biennial will be held in Donostia/San Sebastián from July 15 to 19, 2024.

In the last decade, research activity on light-matter interactions in atomically thin (2D) materials has grown dramatically. Two-dimensional materials provide a unique platform for the study of new physical phenomena that emerge from their inherent low dimensionality, as well as those that can be obtained through the stacking of these materials in hetero- and homostructures. Our symposium ”Light-matter interactions in 2D materials” will cover novel optical and optoelectronic phenomena in 2D materials and will provide a framework where researchers from various fields can meet. It will cover classical and quantum optics; many-body phenomena in light-matter interaction; non-linear optical response, near-field microscopy, topological photonics; among many others. The symposium will thus provide a framework in which unifying concepts can be formed, new ideas inspired and new frontiers in theoretical and experimental research in light-matter interaction in 2D materials.

Organizing Committee

Reyes Calvo (U Alicante)
Alexey Nikitin (DIPC)
Pablo Alonso-González (U Oviedo)
Blanca Biel (U Granada)

Invited speakers