The Condensed Matter Physics Division-GEFES of RSEF invites you to submit scientific images
to the IMAGE CONTEST. Share your images and help us illustrate the research of our
community in the GEFES web page.


150 €
The award will be given to the most voted image from the members of the outreach GEFES
committee. Images will be evaluated in terms of their aesthetic quality and their ability to
inspire and amaze or illustrate scientific knowledge in the field of Condensed Matter Physics.


• Participants must be members of GEFES.
• Each participant can submit up to three images.
• The images must not have been awarded in a previous contest.
• The use of software to improve or enhance the images is allowed.


• Maximum file size allowed: 2Mb
• Minimum resolution: 1950 x 500 px (4:1 ratio approx)
• Format: jpg.
• The image must be accompanied by a title, a brief description of the content (faithful
or creative) and a complete list of authors and affiliations.
• Send the images to with the subject: GEFES image contest


Participation implies the authorization to process and disseminate the participant’s personal
data to the organization for informational and advertising purposes, as well as the
commitment to transfer the rights of use of the image in GEFES undertakes to
respect the authorship of the winner, as well as not to transfer the data of the participants to
third parties outside the context of the contest.

DEADLINE: October 18st 2019

Update on December 2019: and the winner is… «Do you have five minutes?» by Adolfo Grushin.