Post-doctoral and PhD positions. Nanophotonics Technology Center, Valencia

The Nanophotonics Technology Center at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) is looking for candidates for post-doctoral and doctoral positions. The candidates will work in the development of nanophotonic-based biosensors for their application in the field of medical diagnosis. These biosensors will make use of photonic bandgap structures as sensing elements.


Candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree related with the topic of the proposed work (e.g., Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Applied Physics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, etc.). This degree must be valid in Spain (i.e., Spanish PhD title, PhD title previously recognized in Spain, etc.); if it is not, the suitability for its recognition will need to be checked (e.g., it requires that the PhD Thesis is written in English or in Spanish).

He/she must have a strong background in the targeted topic, which will be mainly demonstrated through a strong record of research accomplishments, including publications in top ranked journals, participation in EC-funded research projects, and international research experience (e.g., research stays carried out at different research institutions).

The candidate must have strong technical skills focused on the experimental characterization/development of photonic devices and biosensors, including the optical characterization of photonic structures and the practical implementation of analysis procedures (e.g., reagents handling, use of (micro)fluidic components, automation of experimental procedures, etc.), as well as an appropriate practical knowledge on the implementation of bio-functionalization and bio-assay procedures.

Strong skills related with research management activities are also a must, including coordination of research activities (e.g., leading of a work package in a project), presenting work progress at conferences and meetings, supervision of PhD/degree students, and elaboration of reports and project proposals.


Candidates must hold a MSc degree (or equivalent) related with the topic of the proposed work (e.g., Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Applied Physics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, etc.). For foreign degrees, their suitability for accessing Spanish PhD studies will need to be checked.

The candidate must have an excellent academic record.

Previous practical experience related with photonics (e.g., experimental characterization of photonic structures, design of photonic structures, automation of optical measurements, etc.) and biosensing is highly desirable.


Autonomous working and innovative thinking capacities are a must.

Cooperation, interpersonal and communication skills will also be considered.


For both profiles, we offer a 1 year contract which can be extended by up to 2 additional years.


Interested candidates must send:

Cover letter describing his/her profile, interests and goals (max. 1 page)

Summarized CV, where the candidate must select and briefly describe the top 5-7 merits of his/her CV in relation to the position (max. 2 pages) (optional for doctoral candidates)

Detailed CV, including a list of your publications

Name and contact information of at least two reference persons

Find all the information on the NTC webpage.