Workshop on Ordering and Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Systems

We are pleased to announce the international workshop,
Ordering and Dynamics of Correlated Quantum Systems
Évora, Portugal, 21-25 October 2019

This workshop is supported by several European and US projects and research centers. Our aim is to generate a lively exchange of ideas between researchers working in distinct but interrelated fields. Advances in recent years have witnessed an exciting and promising confluence of the areas of strongly correlated many-body quantum systems, including computational condensed matter physics and quantum information theory. Topics to be discussed at the workshop will include: quantum chaos, quantum information dynamics, quantum criticality, thermalization and open quantum systems, ergodicity breaking, dynamically induced ordering, novel states of matter in cold atomic gases, topological photonics, and topology in condensed matter. On the theoretical side, analytical as well as computational approaches will be highlighted. On the experimental side, the focus will be on interacting quantum systems, including Bose-Einstein condensates with dipolar interactions, strongly correlated gases of Rydberg atoms, photonic crystals with symmetry-protected
topological phases and many-electron systems out of equilibrium.
The workshop will bring together a number of established experts, as well as many talented young scientists,
to further explore, develop, and exploit the connections between these forefront areas of research.

The venue, in the city of Évora (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) offers a unique environment, and has hosted several successful previous workshops.

Contributed talks will be selected by the organizing committee.

The deadline for registration is 22 September 2019.

A number of grants will be available for young researchers (under the age of 36). The deadline for grant applications is 13 September 2019.

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