Simposio de Fotónica Aplicada bienal RSEF 2019

El GEFES organiza un simposio sobre Fotónica Aplicada en la XXXVII Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física, que se celebrará en Zaragoza, del 15 al 19 de julio de 2019. Este simposio se celebrará el miércoles 17 de julio.

Abstract: Photonics is the physical science that studies the generation, control, detection and manipulation of light from fundamental level to applications. Currently, applications of photonics are ubiquitous and include areas of our everyday life, that couldn’t been achieved using other type of technologies, such as lasers for eye surgery, the internet as we know it today, high resolution images and screen, among others. However, far from being over, potential applications in photonics are huge. Photonics has been identified by the European Union, as well as by USA and China, as a Key Enable Technology (KET). In other words, it is supposed to be a key field for the development of science and technology over this century. This symposium intends to serve as a forum for the Applied Photonics community to discuss about the latest developments in Nanophotonics and their applications. Experts in different topics such as ultrafast lasers, bio-photonics, quantum integrated photonics or plasmonics will have the opportunity to meet, share new ideas and open the door for new collaborations.

Invited speaker: Pablo Alonso (Universidad de Oviedo)

Elena Pinilla, NTC-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Maribel Gómez, NTC-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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