isec-2017_logoThe location will be in the charming historical town of Sorrento (near Napoli) overlooking one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coastlines.

The conference topics cover all aspects of superconducting electronics: e.g. digital circuits and systems, detectors and readout, SQUIDs and applications, high-frequency applications, quantum information processing, novel devices, materials and fabrication, packaging and refrigerators.

Along with the traditional topics, ISEC2017 will host sessions on more innovative, cutting-edge ones, including hybrids with unconventional pairing as well as quantum topological properties toward novel electronic solutions, cryogenic spintronics, interface states in topological superconductors, and insulators interfaced to superconductors.

The ISEC conference series has the consistent policy of holding no parallel sessions. Therefore its program gives a unique opportunity to stimulate discussions among all the participants coming from a wide variety of superconductivity related research fields. In particular, in this edition further attention will be devoted to explore the integration of superconductivity with new electronics.

A special session will be dedicated to the challenges offered by the European quantum technologies flagship.

Industrial and technological applications will receive particular attention in a large dedicated exhibition area.

The ISEC 2017 Conference is organized in collaboration with CNR SPIN, IEEE CSC, ESAS, University of Napoli Federico II and University of Salerno.

All the information on the Conference venue, registration and paper submission is available in the web site