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Welcome to Superconductivity in Spain, the site where you can find information about the research groups that work in Spain on different aspects of superconductivity.

This data collection was agreed by many members of the superconductivity community that attended the GEFES “Superconducting materials” symposium at the RSEF Biennial in July 2019 in Zaragoza as a means to strengthen collaborations and synergies while giving visibility to the research performed in this area.

The information has been collected during January 2020.

To find the information about the different groups click on the links below. They refer to the generic type of research or to the research lines in which the group is working. The number in parenthesis following the link indicates the number of groups included, as of February 2020.

All the groups (42)

Groups by type of research:

Groups by research line:

Some groups have indicated other specific research lines which can be found by looking at the tags of each group.


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