The group works on: Experiment, Theory. Fundamental Science, Applied Science

Brief description of the research lines of the group and contact details: Research lines:

– Superconductivity and critical phenomena, theory and computation.

– Measurement of electrical, magnetic and thermal properties.
– Electronic and UV & Laser lithography for nano and microstructured superconducting materials and photonic chips
– Micro/nanostructuration and characterization of thin films and other two-dimensional functional materials (low-
   dimensionality superconductors).
– Development of nanostructured superconducting devices or components (superconducting fault current limiters, bolometers, photonic detectors, …).
– Ion exchange techniques in glass and crystal media for quantum integrated photonic, optical comunications, sensors, astronomy,…
– Quantum photonics devices based on optical fibers and optical and integrated components for quantum cryptography and computation.

– Optical metrology using standard, holographic and ESPI interferometry.


Singular equipment and techniques available to the group:

System to generate and detect ~10 ns current pulses, PPMS and MPMS (Quantum Design), systems for thin film growth (thermal evaporation, sputtering), e-beam lithography, parallel 31 Tflops computer


Contact: Jesús Liñares Beiras (, Jesús Mosqueira (, Manuel V. Ramallo (, Carlos Carballeira (, Félix Vidal (


Institution:Dept. Particle Physics / Dept. Applied Physics. University Santiago de Compostela

Province: A Coruña