The group works on: Experiment. Fundamental Science

Brief description of the research lines of the group and contact details: NANOMIDAS group was established in 2017 with researchers from the Institute of Materials Science (ICMA) and the Institute of Nanoscience (INA), and focuses on the use of advanced electron, ion or scanning microscopes in order to pattern and/or characterize materials at the nanoscale. The group has three main research lines: nanofabrication and magnetotransport; transmission electron microscopy; scanning tunnelling microscopy. Keywords for the research on nanofabrication and magnetotransport: nanofabrication using focused electrons and ion beams, nanolithography, magnetotransport properties at the nanoscale, functional nanomaterials, magnetic materials, nano-superconductivity, graphene and other 2D materials, topological insulators.

Singular equipment and techniques available to the group: We use the infrastructure of the Laboratory of Advanced Microscopies (ELECMI-ICTS), with nine electron or ion microscope equipment for synthesis of nano-superconductors and their characterization.

Contact: José María De Teresa (


Institution: Institute of Materials Science of Aragon (ICMA). CSIC-University of Zaragoza

Province: Zaragoza