FIgure online - Mariela Menghini

The group works on: Experiment. Fundamental Science

Brief description of the research lines of the group and contact details: The research lines of the group are low dimensional superconductivity, covering superlattices, fabrication of superconducting nanostructures, high temperature superconductivity, vortex physics, and hybrid magnetic/superconducting nanostructures.

Singular equipment and techniques available to the group:

– 4He flow cryostat, T = 2K – 300K up and H = 0 – 9 Tesla

– Sputtering and evaporation chambers for materials growth

– Clean-room facilities for fabrication of nanodevices

Contact: José Luis Vicent (

Mariela Menghini (


Institution: Transport in 2D systems. IMDEA Nanociencia

Province: Madrid