The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) will hold its fifth Theory Winter School in Tallahassee, Florida from January 9 to 13, 2017. This year the focus will be on Modeling of Correlated Electron Materials.
The US Materials Genome Initiative has been expanded to include correlated electron materials and this area has received much interest in recent years, with the long-term goal leading to the predictive design of new high-temperature superconductors and other functional quantum materials.

We will bring leaders in the field who will present tutorial lectures on the most relevant concepts in theoretical and computational techniques in correlated materials, plusexperimental reviews. An overlying theme will be how computation, growth, and measurement can be coupled in coordinated feedback loops to drive the field.

List of Lecturers (confirmed):

Meigan Aronson – Texas A&M
Silke Biermann – Ecole Polytechnique
David Ceperley – UIUC
Giulia Galli – ANL and U Chicago
Kevin Ingersent – UF / MagLab
Gabriel Kotliar – Rutgers
Nicola Lanata – MagLab
Andrew Millis – Columbia
Kristin Persson – LLNL and Berkeley
Warren Pickett – UC Davis
Darrell Schlom – Cornell
Ulrich Schollwöck – LMU München
Lucas Wagner – UIUC

The program primarily targets advanced graduate students and post-docs who may apply from any institution, worldwide. Students are invited to present posters, there will beinteractive hands-on tutorial sessions, and ample time for discussions. Student expenses will be partially covered by the MagLab, the major sponsor of this Winter School.
Further details can be found here:

The application deadline is Sep. 30, 2016. To apply go to:


Vladimir Dobrosavlijevic – FSU/MagLab
Laura Greene – FSU/MagLab
Kevin Ingersent – UF/MagLab