The 2018 Aspen Winter Conference on «High Temperature Superconductivity – Unifying Themes in Diverse Materials», to be held January 14-20, 2018, in Aspen, Colorado, is being organized. We expect it to be an exciting event. Further information about the  conference, including the list of topics and speakers, can be found at the website:

The conference will showcase the unifying themes for unconventional superconductivity that are emerging from studying a diverse set of materials. The topics to be covered include the iron- and copper-based systems, the deepening understanding on quantum criticality in heavy fermion and organic superconductors, the physics of spin liquids, and superconductivity above 200 K that has been reported under extreme pressure during the past few years.

The Aspen Center for Physics provides an ideal setting for an interactive and relatively small-scale conference such as this one. The Center’s facilities will accommodate about 90 participants.

We very much hope that you will participate and urge you to apply. Every participant, including the conference organizers, must apply. The conference website has a link to the Application system, which will remain open until October 31.

Attached please find a circular of the conference, which you can post in your institution. Please bring the conference to the attention of anyone else who might be interested. Particularly, we hope you will encourage members of your group to apply and submit a poster abstract.

The Aspen Center for Physics works to keep its winter conferences cost-effective. Details about the registration and lodging costs can be found at  <> . Some financial support may become available to partially cover the expenses of junior
participants.  If it is critical to your participation, please indicate your financial need in the application.