The workshop «AFM beyond Imaging: nanoscale characterization and characterization of functional materials» held on January 19th 2015 at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) was organized with the objective of providing an overview of advanced AFM methods with applications in diverse fields of biology, materials science, soft condensed matter.  The speakers gave proof of the role of AFM as a key tool for the nanoscale characterization of functional properties of materials. Three talks given by Gabriel Gomila (UB-IBEC, Barcelona), Sascha Sadewasser (INL, Braga) and Andres Gómez (ICMAB, Barcelona) showed methodologies for quantitative electrostatic and electrical measurements for applications related with solar cells, nanomaterials or biological samples. Alvaro San Paulo (IMM Madrid) and Pedro J. de Pablo (UAM Madrid) illustrated the use of AFM for the investigation of mechanical properties of biological cells and viruses. The capabilities of SPM to study nanomagnetism and electromechanical response in ferromagnetic and piezoelectric materials were shown by Agustina Asenjo (ICMM, Madrid) and Neus Domingo (ICN2, Barcelona), respectively.  In addition, recent SPM developments were presented by Benjamin L. Holmes (JPK Instruments AG, Berlin) and Elena Bailo (WITec GmbH, Barcelona).

The attendants to this workshop included PhD students and research scientist of different disciplines. The didactic content of the talks fulfilled the expectations of AFM experts and non-experts.

Esther Barrena, ICMAB-CSIC