Deadline for applications, March 31st, 2015.

Subject field
Theoretical physics
Subject description
Theoretical condensed matter physics with emphasis on strongly correlated systems.
The candidate is expected to spend roughly 80% on research and 20% on teaching at basic, advanced and/or doctorate level.
The assistant professor will have group leader responsibility from the start and will be given opportunities to develop his/her independence as researcher and obtain merits that may give eligibility for another position as teacher for which higher demands on eligibility are required( see 4 chapter 12 a $ högskoleförordningen). The assistant professor shall after application be tried for promotion to associate professor.
The assistant professor is expected to establish and develop research collaborations in particular with NORDITA. The candidate is expected  to perform an essential part of his/her research within the theory for collective states, Dirac-materials or topological  states of matter.
A person is eligible for appointment if they have attained a Degree of Doctor or have the equivalent academic expertise. Primarily, persons should have attained a Degree of Doctor or have acquired the equivalent expertise no more than seven years before the end of the application period.
Grounds of assessment
Special importance is given to scientific skill shown, for example, through international publication. The ability of the applicant to establish and develop collaborations both within research and education is of importance, as well as the ability to take on group leader responsibility and establish independent research. Special importance will be given to research within the theory for collective states, Dirac-materials and topological states of matter.
Significant importance will be given to the ability of the applicant to take responsibility for changing and renewing his/her research activity. Skill in teaching and supervision is also of importance. It is of significant importance that a person who is appointed as assistant professor at KTH has experience from research environments other than KTH, equivalent to at least a post-doctorate period or doctorate degree from another institution. The ability to collaborate with the surrounding society and to disseminate information regarding research and development work will also be taken into account. This includes having knowledge about matters of diversity and equal treatment, with particular focus on equality.
Special grounds of assessment for promotion to associate professor
When assessing applications for promotion to associate professor, the ability of the applicant to independently initiate and carry out research of high academic quality, published in international journals, and the ability of the applicant to obtain financing for research operations will be assessed. Of special weight is the ability of the applicant to independently establish new collaborations and research specializations.
Special importance will also be given to documented skill in teaching and supervising. The ability to teach in Swedish is a significant asset when applying for promotion.
Significant importance will be given to that the applicant has developed a strong research community citizenship within the department, the School of Engineering Sciences, and KTH at large. The position is placed at the department of theoretical physics and it is expected that the applicant builds a research group there and at the same time takes advantage of developing a strong active collaboration with the condensed matter group at NORDITA.

Your application should follow KTH´s CV template for employment of teachers. You are the main responsible to ensure that the application is complete according to the ad and CV template. Your complete application must be received at KTH no later than the last day of application. Log into KTH’s recruitment system in order to apply to this position.
Time limitation: The appointment is for an indefinite term, but no more than four years, and may be extended if, due to the teacher’s absence due to sick leave, parental leave or other special grounds, more time is required to reach the objectives of the appointment. However, the total appointment period may not exceed six years.
We firmly decline all contact with staffing and recruitment agencies and job ad salespersons.

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