Abstract submission is open for the 26th biannual Conference & Exhibition CMD26– Condensed Matter in Groningen, which will take place in Groningen, The Netherlands on September 4th-9th, 2016. (http://cmd26.eu).

Please click http://cmd26.eu/abstract-submission/ for direct access to the CMD26 abstract submission page. Deadline for abstract submission is April 30th, 2016.

CMD26– Condensed Matter in Groningen is an international conference covering all aspects of condensed matter physics, including soft condensed matter, biophysics, materials science, quantum physics and quantum simulators, low temperature physics, quantum fluids, strongly correlated materials, semiconductor physics, magnetism, surface and interface physics, electronic, optical and structural properties of materials. The scientific programme will consist of a series of plenary and semi-plenary talks and Mini-colloquia(see below). Within each Mini-colloquium, there will be invited lectures, oral contributions and posters.

CMD26 registration is open too. Please click http://cmd26.eu/registration/ to register. Please note that the abstracts and registrations will be handled separately. Booking of hotel accommodation is on a first come first serve basis.

To obtain more information about the conference please visit the webpage http://cmd26.eu.

We believe that CMD26 will represent a lively occasion to share research results as well as providing networking and collaboration opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you in Groningen!

With best regards,

Petra Rudolf
Chair of CMD26

CMD26-Condensed Matter in Groningen Conference &Exhibition  Mini-Colloquia on

Multiferroics, skyrmions and electric control of magnetism
Theoretical spectroscopy: extending the ab-initio landscape
Complex Oxide Interfaces
Casimir force: From fundamental science to technology
In- and out-of-equilibrium self-assembly pathways
Catalytic Surface Science
Functional Molecules on Surfaces
Quantum-dot solids and functional nano-assemblies
Ultrafast Electron and X-ray Science
Magnons, Phonons, and Their Interactions
Experimental and Computational techniques to investigate Proteins: folding, aggregation and Chaperones
Physics of protein nanoshells
Geometric 2-D Semiconductors,
Condensed Matter Science in Porous Frameworks
Thermoelectric Materials
Anomalous transport in crowded cells and soft matter
Theory and simulation of two-dimensional materials
Nanoporous materials and nanotubes – fabrication, characterisation and applications
From topological materials to topotronics,
Molecularly functionalized low dimensional systems
Quantum One-Dimensional Systems
X-ray spectroscopy of correlated oxides
Understanding and tuning the mechanical properties of defective graphene
Excitons in Condensed Matter
2-Dimensional Electron Systems in Complex Oxides
Nanoscale quantum optics
Granular Matter, wet and dry
Mesoscopic superconductivity and quantum circuits