CORPES is an interdisciplinary workshop whose scope is situated at the crossroads between photoemission spectroscopy and many-body theory. The main goal is to advance our understanding of strongly correlated materials using angle-resolved photoemission as a unique tool to access their electronic structure and many-body theory to work out the underlying concepts and mechanisms. Not only the characteristics of correlated quantum matter but also those of novel materials such as topological insulators, and the photoemission process itself will be addressed. The discussion of prospects and challenges brought up by new light sources, novel experimental techniques and innovative theoretical ideas are central to the CORPES forum.CORPES-15 will be organized by the SOLEIL Synchrotron in the center of Paris on July 5-10th, 2015. It follows the scope and motivation of the previous workshops CORPES-05 and CORPES-07 held in Dresden, CORPES-09 in Zurich, CORPES-11 in Berkeley and CORPES-13 in Hamburg. The program will be a balanced fusion of currently well-established and newly emerging topics. It is intended to bring together experts and newcomers in the field, to learn from one another, and to foster collaborations. We will preserve the workshop spirit, i.e., a linear schedule with no parallel sessions and ample time for discussion after each presentation as well as between sessions. Applicants to the workshop will be selected to give either oral or poster presentations, with the latter being given significant weight to the program including short oral poster «flash sessions».
Gracias a Leni Bascones (ICMM-CSIC) por enviarnos la información.