Correlations, integrability, and criticality in Quantum Systems  

The Workshop

This workshop is dedicated to the memory of Alejandro Muramatsu, organizer and an invited speaker of several previous workshops held in Évora.

The workshop is promoted by several European and US projects and European and Chinese research centers. Our main aim is to generate a lively exchange of ideas between researchers working in the different but nevertheless related fields. Advances over the past ten years have seen an exciting confluence of the areas of strongly correlated many-body systems including integrable systems, computational condensed matter physics, AdS/CFT correspondence, and quantum information theory.

The main focus areas of the workshop will be integrable systems, quantum criticality, quantum information, cold atoms, non-equilibrium many-body systems and nonlinear phenomena, AdS/CFT correspondence, and correlations and topological matter. Analytical as well as computational approaches to problems in these areas will be discussed. It will bring together a number of established experts as well as many talented young scientists to further explore and exploit the connections between many body theory, quantum information, and quantum criticality. Invited speakers are drawn from the theoretical, experimental, and computational physics communities.

Workshop site

Previous workshops at Évora have been highly successful in drawing together leading researchers and young scientists. Workshops in Evora have actually a long tradition. The beautiful medieval town offers an ideal setting for bringing together people working in different but related fields. In the past, discussions often continued after the last session of the day. The month of October is an ideal period for visiting the Alentejo region, where excursions to the surroundings of Evora and its megalithic monuments can be made at moderate temperatures.

Anfiteatro 131-A
Edifí­cio do Espirito Santo
Universidade de Évora

Registration of participants

Deadline for registration: 18 September 2016
Deadline for the young-researcher grant applications: 18 September 2016