Recent decade witness an emergence and a very fast development of a new activity in condensed matter physics. The goal is to achieve a controlled transformation of electronic states or even of whole phases by external impacts. There are two main directions: the electrostatic effects of very strong electric fields and the ultrafast optical pumping; the latest trend is to employ them in combination.

These efforts originated a complex broad science which includes the femto-second time scale of the nonlinear optics, the time resolved photoemission and X-ray diffraction, physics at surfaces, interfaces and monolayers, nano-fabrications by the molecular beam epitaxy and by the focused ion beams, manipulations by ferroelectrics and electrolytes; complex materials from cuprates, conducting oxides and pnictides, to organic conductors and conjugated polymers.

Having been initiated around 2000,  the studies demonstrated an explosive development during last years. It is necessary to reach a synergy and cross- fertilization between the branches of the new science which still lack an acquaintance – with respect to the two major techniques, but also on different classes of materials. For this purpose, we are organizing the synergetic research school IMPACT 2016.
The synergetic school IMPACT 2016 will be hosted by the Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse, Corse, France (

One can appreciate the character of meeting and potential participants by visiting the website of the conference  IMPACT 2012


Serguei Brazovski, Paris-sud (Paris consorcium)
Natasha Kirova, Paris-sud (Paris consorcium)
Peter Littlewood, University of Chicago & ANL
Abstract Submission Form (Deadline: April 15, 2016)

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