The EPS CMD Europhysics Prize is one of Europe’s most prestigious prizes in the field of condensed matter physics. It is awarded every 2 years in recognition of recent work by one or more individuals for scientific excellence in the area of condensed matter physics.The work for which the individual(s) is/are nominated must not be completed more than 5 years prior to the award. The award will recognize research for which a significant portion of the work was carried out in Europe, and may be given for either pure or applied research. The Prize Ceremony and Lecture are highlights of the EPS CMD General Conference, organized every 2 years. The prize recipients in 2014 were Harold Hwang, Jochen Mannhart, Jean-Marc Triscone, for their groundbreaking work on the conductivity and superconductivity of oxide interfaces.

Nominations for the 2016 Europhysics prize are now open. Nominations may be submitted online on the EPS website and must include a description of the work justifying the nomination (up to 2 pages), a CV of the nominee(s) in a file, and a publication list no more than 5 pages per nominee, with the 3 most relevant publications indicated.