The Université de Sherbrooke is seeking applications to fill one (1) full-time regular professor position, at the junior, intermediate and/or senior level, in the field of theoretical quantum information in the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Science, on the Main Campus of the Université de Sherbrooke. The University is committed to ensuring that this position is reserved for a woman.



The Institut quantique de l’Université de Sherbrooke, with grants from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund and the Canada Foundation for Innovation, is implementing a strategy aimed at scientific breakthroughs in quantum computing, quantum materials and quantum engineering. Within the Institut quantique, members of the Department of Physics maintain close links with the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Researchers are members of the INstitut TRansdisciplinaire d’Information Quantique and/or the Regroupement Québécois sur les Matériaux de Pointe, as well as an Associated International Laboratory between France and Canada on quantum circuits and quantum materials. In addition to access to important high-performance computational resources, members have access to the Institut quantique’s quantum computing platform which includes access to a 53-qubit quantum computer. The new hire will also benefit from the Institut quantique’s building, which is conductive to theoretical research and facilitates interactions.


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