The next Edition of the International Conference Series on Graphene and Two-dimensional Materials will be held in the beautiful city of Genova (ITALY)  from April 19 till 22  (2016).
The organization of this 2016 Edition is locally driven by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), which is the Italian Flagship institute for the development of scientific and technological excellence.

The conference website already provides extensive information<>
Abstract submission is open.

This Edition will cover as usual the whole value chain of «Graphene innovation» from most recent of scientific discoveries to breakthroughs in large scale material production and integration towards the development of innovative and competitive commercial applications. Focus on energy applications (photovoltaics,…), 2D electronic devices, advanced graphene composites, and spintronics will be included in the plenary sessions, whereas new dedicated parallel workshops will be focused on:

Workshop 1: Metrology, Characterization and Standardization  (Chair: Ado Jorio)
Workshop 2: Health and Medical Applications (Chairs: José-Antonio Garrido and Mauricio Prato )
Workshop 3: Theory & Simulation  (Chairs: Gianaurelio Cuniberti and Antti-Pekka Jauho)
Workshop 4: Energy Applications  (Chair:  Aldo di Carlo)
Workshop 5: Production of 2D Materials and Electronics (Chairs: Ken Teo and Vittorio Morandi)
Workshop 6: Worldwide Graphene Initiatives, Funding and Priorities