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Evolution in uses of Antimony: from ancient Egyptian queen make-up to new 2D-materials

Félix Zamora, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

In the search for 2D semiconductor materials, our research group and others have recently pointed out that antimonene, i.e. single or few-layer antimony, can be an interesting option. This seminar will aim to provide a perspective revision of our results on antimonene. I will describe several preparation methods developed in our group to prepare this material, going from top-down procedures, such as micromechanical exfoliation, which allows the isolation of monoatomic layers, or liquid phase exfoliation, to bottom-up synthesis that provides a way to produce large quantities of high-quality few-layer antimonene. Some selected physical and chemical properties found for the isolated antimonene materials will be discussed. Finally, I will show the first results obtained in the exfoliation of 3D covalent crystals, alpha-germanium, which opens new avenues for the 2D-materials.