June 20, 2015 – June 22, 2015

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom



Claudio Castelnovo, UK NESFE
Roderich Moessner, MPIPKS
David Logan, University of Oxford

Systems where itinerant electrons coexist with localised magnetic moments on frustrated lattices have been argued to exhibit remarkably rich phase diagrams and to host novel and interesting emergent behaviour. Examples of materials in this class include the pyrochlore Praseodymium Iridate or the spinel Lithium Vanadate. On the one hand, the conduction electrons alone present a wide range of behaviours, from Weyl semimetals to fractional Cern insulators. On the other hand, the situation becomes even richer when the frustrated localised moments form non-coplanar magnetisation patterns, giving rise for instance to anomalous Hall transport properties.

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