This annual award from The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics replaces the two awards for theoretical/computational work and for experimental work, which were awarded every three years at the International Conference on Magnetism (ICM).

The nominated candidate must not have completed more than eight years of research after the doctorate by the nomination date, with allowances for military service and parental leave. The award consists of a certificate, medal and a monetary award of $1,000. The awardee will be invited to present his or her results at the next forthcoming ICM.

The awardee will be selected by a committee composed of the members of the IUPAP Magnetism Committee (C9), together with past recipients of the Magnetism Award. Nominations may be made by anyone interested in the field of magnetism.

The nomination papers must include:

A laudatio of approximately 50 words.

Curriculum vitae of the candidate, which must not exceed two pages in length.

List of 6 of the candidate’s most significant publications, including citation information, not to exceed one page.

Commentary on the publications, which makes the case for the award, not to exceed two pages.

Letters of support, up to a maximum of three pages.

The documents must be collected into a single pdf file called Surname_YSPM.pdf, where Surname is the candidate’s name. The file should not exceed 2MB in size. Nominations not conforming to these rules cannot be accepted.

Nominations should be sent on or before the July 31, 2016 to the C9 Secretary (Burkard Hillebrands) by e-mail to

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