The IV  Postgraduate  Meeting  On  Theoretical  Physics will  take  place  at IFT UAM/CSIC (Madrid) from the 18th to the 20th of November 2015. 

Registration is already open and will close by the 2nd of November.

This year’s meeting will be the fourth in the series of encounters organized every year at different Spanish institutions since 2012. The first edition took place at University of  Barcelona, while  successful  sequels  were  celebrated  at IFT  and Santiago  de Compostela University in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

The spirit of this fourth meeting remains faithful to the previous editions. Our aim is to allow theoretical  physics-oriented (in  a  relatively  broad  sense)  PhD  students  and young postdocs from European institutions to explain  their research  projects  in  an informal environment and to establish collaborations and/or bonds among them.  We encourage young researchers to participate (contributing with a talk/poster or not).

The speakers will be selected from the participants themselves. We expect the talks to cover  a  wide  range  of  topics  in  modern  theoretical physics.  This  includes  but  is  not restricted  to:

 Particle  Physics,  (Classical  and  Quantum) Gravity  Theories,  String Theory, AdS/CFT,

Quantum  Information, Condensed  Matter  Theory, Cosmology,

Astrophysics, Lattice Gauge Theories, etc.

As a novelty, in this year’s edition we will have three review talks by local senior speakers covering general interest topics in theoretical physics:

Karl Landsteiner on AdS/CMT.

Luis Ibáñez on String Phenomenology.

Jose L. F. Barbón on the Black hole information paradox and  firewalls.

We will also have a poster session, bring yours!

There is no registration fee, and some financial support will be available.