g2-Zero, a spin-off of the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology of the National Spanish Research Council (IMN-CSIC) and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), has a postdoc position for a Product Development Manager in Optoelectronic/Photonic Semiconductor Technologies to be filled before March 31st, 2022.

He or she will join an international team of junior and senior research engineers and physicists developing plug&play single-photon sources for the emergent quantum technologies market. The main tasks comprise the development of manufacturing processes for scaling up the fabrication, fiber coupling, and packaging of these devices.  

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for product development area comprising the design, fabrication, and analysis of optoelectronic multiplexed arrays.
  • Assist in the setup and operation of optical and electrical characterization instruments.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Physics or Engineering Ph.D. granted or authorized by a Spanish University.

Required knowledge and professional experience:

  • Proven experience in performing independent scientific/engineering research/development.
  • Hands-on experience with the manufacturing of semiconductor/photonic devices using UV/EBL lithography, dry/wet etching, and metal/dielectric evaporation techniques.
  • Hands-on experience with optical/electrical characterization and analysis of optoelectronic devices such as VCSELs, RCLEDs, photodetectors, image sensors,… 
  • Experience on die and wafer level multiplexed testing, dicing, and packaging of semiconductor/photonic devices will be positively considered.

Other skills:

  • Knowledge of instrument automatization languages: Labview, Visual Basic, Python,…
  • Experience with project management.
  • Experience in the CAD modeling of electrical and optical properties.

Job Conditions:

  • Permanent contract
  • Annual Gross Salary: 30,000 € – 35,000 € per year; commensurate with experience.
  • Health and Social benefits according to Spanish law

Application process:

  • Send your updated CV and motivation letter to contact@g2-zero.com before February 28th, 2022
  • Attach a copy of your PhD certificate/title to the submission. PhD titles not granted in Spain must be legally authorized by a Spanish University.