Profs. Yigal Meir (Ben Gurion University) and Eran Sela (Tel Aviv University) invite applications for postdoctoral research positions in theoretical condensed matter physics in the framework of an ERC synergy project. The successful candidates will be appointed at one of the institutes, but will work with both researchers, although they will also be encouraged to collaborate with other members of the collaborative team, and to perform autonomous research. Research areas of interest to this collaboration include entropy probes of mesoscopic systems, strongly correlated systems, topological materials, layered materials, and measurements of quantum entanglement. Close collaboration with experimental groups of the ERC synergy collaboration [Klaus Ensslin (ETH), Josh Folk (UBC), Frederic Pierre (Paris)] and elsewhere is anticipated. We expect several positions to become available, each position is expected to extend for a period of two years, with the first one beginning in the summer or fall of 2021, with a possibility of renewal for a third year. Applicants should upload a cover letter, CV and have at least two recommendation letters uploaded to