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7th Les Houches School in Computational Physics: Dynamics of Complex Quantum Systems, from Theory to Computation

Les Houches, France, from 12 to 23 April 2021.

The aim of the school is to introduce young researchers (starting from PhD student level) to the physics of out-of equilibrium dynamics and thermalisation occurring in quantum many-body systems. The focus will be on learning modern numerical tools and methods to address and resolve model problems in condensed matter systems and ultracold atomic gases.

The planned list of lecturers includes Mari-Carmen Banuls, Giuseppe Carleo, Anushya Chandran, Michel Ferrero, Serge Florens, David Luitz, Markus Heyl, Katharina Hyatt, Adam Nahum, Tommaso Roscilde, Lea Santos, Marco Schiro, Cécile Repellin, Guillaume Roux, Xavier Waintal.

We hope that the sanitary situation in France will allow us to host a maximum number of participants on-site; however, the fully on-line option is not excluded.

Registration will open from January 11th 2021 to February 15th. More information can be found on the following website: