Group type: Both theory and experiment

Research description: We are an interdepartmental research group, developing several research lines in nanotechnologies and nanoscience.  We investigate fundamental and applied aspects of quantum nanosystems based on new materials as graphene and 2D related materials, topological insulators and III-V semiconductor heterostructures. Our facilities comprise a 120 m2 Clean Room, and 150 m2 for fabrication, characterization  and  instrumentation laboratories. Our  aim  is to provide also service in nanotechnology, processing and characterization to the Regional, Spanish and International scientific and technological communities. We are registered as Unidad de Investigación Consolidada  UIC 134 by the Junta de Castilla y León.

KeywordsElectronic transport and structure, Two-dimensional materials, Nanoelectronics, Graphene, Topological insulators, THz imaging and spectroscopy.

Affiliation: Universidad de Salamanca

Contact: Enrique Diez

 Group Members: