Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics announces a new program for undergraduate students. Perimeter Institute’s Undergraduate Theoretical Physics Summer Program invites 20 exceptional students to join its research community for a fully-funded two-week summer school. Students will learn research tools and collaboration skills while immersed in the multi-disciplinary environment of the world’s largest independent theoretical physics research centre.

This program consists of two parts:

  1. Two-week Summer School (fully-funded): Students are immersed in Perimeter’s dynamic research environment — attending courses on cutting-edge topics in physics, learning new techniques to solve interesting problems, working on group research projects, and potentially even publishing their work.
  2. Research Internship: Applicants may also apply for a paid summer research internship. Ten selected students will work on projects alongside Perimeter researchers.

The program is now accepting applications for the summer school beginning May 27, 2019. Please help share this opportunity with colleagues, students, or groups who may be interested:

Applications are due by January 7, 2019.