Title: A ballistic spintronic device in graphene nanoribbons.

Job description:

Graphene is a unique material for both fundamental as well as application driven research. Graphene is heralded for the best electrical and heat conductivities, the strongest mechanical as well as extraordinary optical and chemical properties. Attractive for spintronics are the very long spin relaxation times and large spin relaxation lengths at room temperature. Many of these requirements can be realized on the basis of epitaxially grown graphene nanoribbons (GNRs). As recently shown, they provide even more exotic relevant properties like the ballistic and spin polarized behavior which seem to be intrinsic to these ribbon structures.

The main subject of research is to study the electronic structure and the magnetic behaviour of these quasi one-dimensional epitaxial graphene systems with local scanning probe techniques, photo-emission and other spectroscopy techniques to explore the options to tailor the ferromagnetic behaviour of the graphene nanoribbons.


This project will be carried out in the group Molecular Materials and Nanosystems (M2N) at the department of physics of Eindhoven University of Technology in close collaboration with the partners of the EEC graphene flagship.

Job requirements:

I am looking for an talented Phd candidate who (nearly) completed his/her Master of Science in experimental physics with a strong interest in theory for a challenging 4 year research project within the EEC graphene flagship program ”all-graphene spintronic prototype-device based on ballistic carrier transport in epitaxially grown graphene nanoribbons on SiC templates”.

Conditions of employment:

A full time appointment for four years (start date as soon as possible) by FOM, Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter, employment regulations, coaching programs etc. can be found on http://fom.nl.

Information and application:

For information about the project, please contact Dr. Kees Flipse, c.f.j.flipse@tue.nl

phone: +31402474118

If interested, please send an application letter, CV and a grade listing