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Quantum confined electronic states in oxides

If itinerant electrons are spatially confined in a thin film, their energy levels become quantized in the perpendicular direction but maintain their continuous in-plane dispersion. This offers an opportunity to tailor the electronic structure of a material and thereby to design its properties. While this concept is well established for nearly free electrons in conventional semiconductor heterostructures, little is known about the interplay of quantum confinement and strong correlations in transition metal oxides. Within this project you will use angle resolved photoemission (ARPES) to directly image the electronic band structure of quantum confined electronic states in oxide thin films and on doped oxide surfaces. This works aims at establishing design principles to control key electronic properties such as orbital polarization and ultimately at discovering new and potentially useful functionalities of complex oxides. The experiments will be performed with our state-ofthe-art in-house laser-ARPES system and at different synchrotron light sources in Switzerland and abroad.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with the ambition of carrying out research at the highest international level. The position requires a Masters degree in physics or a related discipline and a solid background in condensed matter physics. Experience in correlated electron systems, thin film growth, electron spectroscopy and ultra-high vacuum is desirable but not necessary.

We offer excellent conditions for PhD studies, including a competitive salary, a department with a stimulating scientific atmosphere and an attractive location in the center of Geneva, a thriving international city with spectacular mountain resorts nearby.

To apply please send your CV including contact details of at least two scientists that can provide references, your university grades and a brief letter of motivation by email to Prof. Felix Baumberger,