Photoionization and Photodissociation dynamics in the tender x-ray
range (2-12 keV) by vector correlations.

Opened PhD student position (3 years) in Paris. The aim of the thesis will be
to study experimentally the photoionization and photodissociation dynamics of atoms,
molecules and small clusters in the tender x-ray regime (2-12 keV). In this energy domain,
large recoil effects [1], post-collision interaction [2], sub-femtosecond electron
dynamics [3], core-hole delocalization [4], and double core hole formation [5] have been
recently observed by our group. The measurements will be performed with our recently
commissioned COLTRIMS setup [6] at the French Synchrotron Radiation facility SOLEIL,
closed to Paris. This setup allows for the measurements of the full momentum
vectors of all particles detected in coincidence.

During the PhD, the main efforts will be dedicated to measurements on small isolated
clusters (of atoms and molecules) in the gas phase, as a new field of investigation. The
PhD thesis will be particularly focused on resonant Inter Atomic Auger Decay as observed
in the soft x-rays [7] but never in the tender x-rays.

The candidates interested are asked to contact Renaud Guillemin
( or
Marc Simon ( for further informations.

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