Project title: «Spin transport phenomena and thermoelectric effects in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures»
Driven by recent technical advances in the field of 2D materials (2DMs), heterostructures based on graphene and other layered materials are leading to new paradigms for data storage and computing. Because 2DMs consist of atomically thin planes, their electrical, optical and spin properties can be enriched and tailored by proximity effects. Furthermore, thermoelectric generation within the same circuitry is envisioned to play a key role in future electronics. The focus of the project is on engineering the spin and thermoelectric response of 2DMs by fabricating and investigating the electronic properties of hybrid 2DM heterostructures, comprising metals, semimetals, semiconductors and ferromagnets.
Recent work published in Valenzuela’s group related to this thesis can be found in:
L. A. Benítez, et al., Nature Materials 19, 170 (2020)
L. A. Benítez, et al., Nature Physics 14, 303 (2019)
J. F. Sierra, et al., Nature Nanotechnology 13, 107 (2018)

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