We offer several PhD and Postdoc positions within the Project NanoQuCo which is R+D Synergy Grant on New Emerging Scientific Fields from the Comunidad de Madrid. The goal of the project is to develop quantum computing architectures based on quantum nanophotonics platforms.
It is a collaborative project between two nodes: QNanolight group based on the IFIMAC at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (https://qnanolight.es/), which leads the hardware part of the project, and the QUINFOG group (https://quinfog.hbar.es/) based on the Institute of Fundamental Physics from Madrid, which leads the software part.

The duration of the contracts will be 3 years for both the PhD & Postdoc positions, and the starting date of the project is expected to be September 2021.

Interested candidates should write to nanoquco@gmail.com, sending:
– An updated CV, including the grades for the PhD positions.
– Motivation statement, which includes the node they are interested in working (CSIC or UAM), as well as whether they are interested in a PhD or Post-doc position.