The Mesoscopic Physics Group in the Materials Physics Center (MPC), San Sebastian, Spain, offers a postdoctoral position in Condensed-Matter Theory to work on a collaborative project between the groups of Professors Sebastian Bergeret (MPC, fs.bergeret@csic.es) and Tero Heikkilä (Jyvaskyla University, Finland, tero.t.heikkila@jyu.fi).

The project focuses on dynamic response and spin transport in nonconventional and low- dimensional superconductors. It will also provide theoretical support for the experimental activities of MPC and CIC-Nangune on this topic.

The positions will be funded by MCIN and by the European Union NextGenerationEU/PRTR- C17.I1, as well as by IKUR Strategy under the collaboration agreement between Ikerbasque Foundation and DIPC on behalf of the Department of Education of the Basque Government.

The selected candidate will be hired by the Research Association MPC – Materials PhysicsCenter. The salary will be of 35.650,44 euros (postdoc) during the first year before taxes. The candidates must hold a PhD in Physics (or equivalent) and have a strong background in superconductivity and/or quantum transport.

Applications will be evaluated as they are received until April 30. They should be sent to jobs.cfm@ehu.eus with the subject label “Postdoc CFM-Dynamic Spin response” and include:

1- An updated Curriculum Vitae, including a list of publications. (70%)

2- A free text with a summary of the candidate’s research interest, (max. 1 page). (10%) 3- At least two contact emails of potential referees. (20%)

Information about the Mesosocpic Phsyics Group Materials Physics Center can be found in our web: http://cfm.ehu.es/mesoscopics/

Inquiries and questions about this position should be submitted by email to: jobs.cfm@ehu.eus with the subject label “Postdoc CFM-Dynamic Spin response”.