Postdoc position in experimental Condensed Matter Physics: Graphene-Clay Systems
A Postdoc position is available at the Department of Physics. The position is financed by the Research Council of Norway, under the Nano2021 Programme. The appointment has a duration of 3 years.


Job description
This project is at the interface between experimental physics, chemical engineering, materials science and nano-micro-technology. Recently several studies of graphene based hetero-structures have been undertaken by several research groups worldwide. Recently it has also been demonstrated that clay based lamellar structures can be used for a wide range of purposes such as in supercapacitors, in improved Li-batteries, for CO2 capture, or for production of artificial composite materials with greatly improved physical properties. The project will develop and investigate experimental model systems made from manually assembled or self-assembled hetero-structures of clay lamella and graphene based materials, such as graphene oxide. Both bilayer systems and multilayer systems will be developed and studied. The project is based at the Laboratory for Soft and Complex Matter Studies at NTNU ( ), including important collaborations with the Condensed Matter Physics Group at the University of Manchester, UK ( /), the Chemical Engineering Group at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden ( ), and others. The project has access to NTNU state-of-the-art instrument parks, and may therein involve the use of NTNU-Nanolab. The assembly of bi- or multilayered clay-graphene based systems, including lithography or self-assembly from suspensions, will be developed at NTNU, jointly with the University of Manchester and Chalmers University of Technology. Nano-structural characterizations of multilayered structures will be performed at our NTNU X-ray laboratory, at international neutron facilities, such as IFE or ILL, at international synchrotron X-ray facilities such as ESRF or MaxIVLab, or with other external collaborators. Relevant electronic properties of the hetero-structures will be studied at NTNU in close collaboration with researchers at the Condensed Matter Physics Group ( ), and with the other project collaborators.


The application
Applications with CV, certificates from both Bachelor and Master, possible publications and other scientific works, certified copies of transcripts,( certified copies of documentation on English language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) ) and reference letters should be submitted electronically through link at this page.
Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered.
The reference number of the position is: NT- xx/13 (to be annoouned shortly)
Application deadline: Date May 1 2016.
Further information can be obtained from professor Jon Otto Fossum, Department of Physics, NTNU, E-mail:
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