We are looking for a talented postdoc to fill up a position associated with the FP7 Integrated Project PAMS, «Planar Atomic and Molecular Scale Devices» (http://pams-project.eu/). The project deals with the theoretical description of the electronic and transport properties of such electronic devices, mainly fabricated on semiconductor and insulating
substrates using different types of molecules and dangling-bond wires. The project involves another 6 experimental partners and 3 other theory groups.

The successful candidate should be the driving force behind the development of an improved version of the
tranSIESTA transport methodology. The aim is to describe larger systems and multiterminal geometries.
This work will be performed in close collaboration with the group of Prof. M. Brandbyge in DTU Copenhagen.

More  info: 

Funding comes from the “Planar Atomic and Molecular Scale devices” (PAMS) European project (http://pams-project.eu/), recently funded within the FP7-ICT-2013-10 call for a period of 3 years. The PAMS consortium consists of eight partners from six different countries including experts on the synthesis, fabrication, characterization and simulation of molecular electronic devices. The team at CFM/DIPC (http://dipc.ehu.es, http://cfm.ehu.es) in San Sebastian (Spain) consists of Dr. Daniel Sánchez-Portal, Dr. Thomas Frederiksen and Dr. Aran García-Lekue. The selected candidate will work in close collaboration with these researchers.

The successful candidate will be involved in the computer code writing of order-N strategies to perform quantum transport simulations for large systems, as well as finite- bias self-consistent calculations of planar multi-terminal devices. The developments will be implemented in the well-known tranSIESTA method and will be applied to the description of electron transport properties in planar molecular devices on semiconducting and insulting substrates. The development work will be performed in close collaboration with the group of Prof. M. Brandbyge in DTU, Copenhagen.

This postdoc is also expected to be involved in the application work. This part of work will be performed in collaboration with other researchers in the group (including another postdoc with 100% dedication to PAMS). The plan is that both postdocs are involved in the publications resulting from PAMS related research.

Candidates should hold a PhD in theoretical or computational physics and should have proven development skills, combined with a strong background in electronic structure and quantum transport calculations. The contract will run for an initial period of 2 years, with the possibility of an extension for 1 additional year. Gross annual income is slightly above 39,000 euros.

The planned starting date is December 2014 (or the closest possible date). Applications should consist of a cover letter, scientific CV, publication list and the names of at least two referees. Applications should be submitted to: sqbsapod@ehu.es. This call is open until the position is filled.