We advertise a postdoctoral position in Ana Asenjo Garcia’s new  group  at  Columbia  University. Topics of interest include quantum optics and many-body physics using atomic arrays and atom-nanophotonic interfaces, physics of interacting quantum emitters in exotic photonic baths with uncon- ventional dispersion relations, quantum optics with solid-state emitters in two-dimensional materials. The goal is to explore both fundamental ideas and their potential applications in the areas of quantum information science, non-linear optics, and metrology. The postdoctoral researcher will benefit from the rich scientific environment at Columbia, having opportunities to collaborate with other members  of the condensed matter theory group as well as with experimentalists across different departments and disciplines (from cold atoms and molecules to photonics and 2D materials).

A suitable applicant would have a PhD in theoretical physics, with expertise in quantum optics, AMO/condensed matter physics, open quantum systems and/or nano-photonics. We are looking for someone that is highly motivated, and has a strong background in analytical and/or numerical methods. The appointment is for two years, subject to satisfactory performance in the first year.  The start date   is flexible,  but early 2019 is preferred.  The application material should be sent by email to ana.asenjo@columbia.edu and include a CV and a brief description of research interests and goals.