Postdoctorals positions in Condensed Matter Theory are available at the Department of Physics of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in the group of Professors Elbio Dagotto and Adriana Moreo. Areas of interest are iron and copper based high critical temperature superconductors, influence of spin-orbit coupling on phase diagrams of correlated electrons, quasi one-dimensional chains and ladders, multiorbital Hubbard models, non-equilibrium properties of correlated electrons, bulk complex oxides, multiferroic materials, and others.

We are interested in a variety of many-body techniques, but specially Monte Carlo simulations, Density Matrix Renormalization Group both for static and time/omega dependent calculations, and Lanczos/Exact Diagonalization. Expertise in semi analytic techniques, such as Hartree Fock approximations and other mean field approaches is also of our interest.

Information about our group can be found in


The main location for this work will be the University of Tennessee, but our group has a close connection with Oak Ridge National Laboratory where part of the postdoctoral effort could be performed.

To apply candidates should submit via email their application, CV, and statement of research interests, if possible in a single PDF file, to

The candidate should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be submitted to the same email address as indicated above.