We invite applications for a post-doctoral position in the field of theoretical quantum materials, focused on van der Waals multiferroics. The prospective post-doc will work on collective quantum phenomena in van der Waals multiferroic materials, including natural and artificial multiferroic van der Waals heterostructures. The project aims to design multicomponent correlated states in van der Waals multiferroics, with the ultimate objective of designing van der Waals materials with controllable entangled charge and magnetic orders.

The project will be carried out in collaboration between the theory group of “Correlated Quantum Materials” (Prof. Jose Lado, and the experimental group of “Atomic Scale Physics” (Prof. Peter Liljeroth, at Aalto University, Finland.

The post-doc will work on the theoretical fundamentals of van der Waals multiferroics, to propose and model an experimental solid-state realization of multicomponent correlated states. In particular, the post-doc will focus on how to theoretically exploit anisotropic magnetic interactions, charge density instabilities, twist engineering, and proximity effects to create a controllable van der Waals multiferroics, with a strong emphasis both on the fundamental theory and potential materials science perspective. We look for highly motivated individuals with a strong background in theoretical physics and quantum materials.

More information and details on the application procedure can be found in