There are two postdoctoral openings, one at ORNL and the other at the University of Tennessee.

The position at ORNL is shared with Dr. Satoshi Okamoto and a candidate that can carry out calculations employing DFT or model Hamiltonians, particularly in the context of  interfaces is proposed and with the hope of interacting with experimental groups at ORNL with similar interests. Other areas of expertise are also considered. Apply to

or if the link does not work, directly send the CV to

The position at Univ of Tennessee is shared with Prof. Adriana Moreo and they are looking for a candidate with expertise in computational techniques that can be applied to models for strongly correlated electrons, such as DMRG or Monte Carlo. Areas of interest are superconductors, quasi-1D materials such as chains and ladders, spin-orbit coupling effects, multiorbital systems, etc. Other areas of
expertise are also considered. Apply by sending CV and research interest letter to

or directly to