The applicant will develop novel routes to unravel experimentally the thermoelectric properties on graphene-based structures and topological insulators. The applicant will perform the fabrication of devices in a clean room enivromnment as well as the magnetotransport measurements in the mK regime and in the GHz to THz range.  Please contact Dr. Mario  Amado ( or Dr. Enrique Diez ( for further details

1. Application must be received before the internal deadline: November 28th 2018.

2. The applicant must hold a Masters Degree in Physics, or Materials Science.

3. The applicant should preferably be a citizen of a EEAS/EU country or possess a visa/ permit to work in Spain.

4. Although not mandatory, experience in Nanotechnology research on graphene and in a clean-room environment will be valued. In particular, experience in some of these techniques will be appreciated: low-temperature characterization, Micro Raman spectroscopy, RIE/ICP, electron beam lithography and electron beam deposition

Duration of the contract is 4 years or 3+1 Postdoctoral Research Associate if applicable

commencing on or about mid-2019.

 Salary and Training

The predoctoral fellowship will be funded with amaximum gross salary of 18500 € per annum while the PDRA 4th year will received a maximum gross salary of 25000 € per annum

In addition, selected candidates will receive internal funds to develope their own research tasks  including  travel  allowance  for  meetings  and  conferences.   Furthermore,  candidates  will  have  access  to  a  wide  offer  of   training   activities   in nanotechnologies, semiconductor characterization and low-temperatures technologies such as seminars, specific training sessions, etc. They will  be  provided  with  the  required conditions  to  develop  their research  projects  with  autonomy   and   within   a   stimulating                                                                                                                          environment.

The     predoctoral      work      will      be      performed      in      the      premises      of   the

Nanotechnology  group (  at  the  University  of  Salamanca,  Spain.