Symposium on Molecular electronics 

The «bottom-up» approach provides the opportunity to design and synthesize functional molecules with very diverse structures, dimensionalities and properties. Simpler than a solid but more complex than an atom, the study of these molecular nanomaterials forms a highly multidisciplinary field, where physics, chemistry, nanotechnology and even biology converge. The symposium will be devoted to discussing state-of-the-art research on the electronic transport through molecular materials, effects of interfaces with inorganic materials, spintronics and optoelectronics, as well as studies of the electronic and magnetic states of individual molecules. This research has innumerable potential applications in fields related to information technologies, the development of sensors and (opto-)electronic devices, and future quantum technologies. The symposium will consist of four invited talks (25+5 minutes each), oral contributions (22 + 3 minutes each) and posters.


Monday, July the 17th, 2017

15:15 Invited. Luis Hueso. Spin transport, spinterface and spin photovoltaics in molecular films

15:45 Rubén Pérez. Bioengineering a Single-Protein Wire

16:10 Invited. Enrique Burzurí. Electron transport through individual all-organic polyradicals

16:40 Salvador Cardona-Serra. Theoretical evaluation of [V(α-C3S5)3]2- as a nuclear-spin sensitive single-molecule spin transistor

17:05 Coffee break and posters session

18:00 Invited. Mª Ángeles Díaz García. Last advances on thin film organic lasers

18:30 Invited. Helena Prima-García. Modulating light emission in a spin-OLED through spin injection at high voltages