The Institute SPIN of the National Research Council (CNR), Napoli (Italy) is looking for motivate candidates for a 2 years (renewable for one more year) Researcher position in condensed matter quantum physics within the National Quantum and Science and Technology project, in the field of quantum transport and quantum devices based on novel 2D-electron systems.

If you are interested in working in Quantum physics and technology in a stimulating academic/research environment, with frequent exchange with Italian and EU-partners among the most active groups in the field, please contact Dr. Marco Salluzzo, Research Director at the CNR-SPIN at


The successful candidate is expected to have at least three years of research experience in condensed matter physics, or related disciplines, base knowledge in condensed matter and quantum physics, and to have experience in the following fields:

1) Experience in dilution cryo-free refrigerators working down to 10 mK and/or

2) Transport and magneto-transport at low temperatures on superconductors and or semiconducting materials and devices

3) Programming languages for interfacing lab-instrumentations for cryogenic transport measurements, like Python.

The activities foreseen include the setting up of a new cryo-free dilution set-up for dc and rf characterization of quantum devices, and more specifically the study of topological superconductivity in unconventional 2D-materials characterized by a unique coexistence of tunable and large Rashba spin orbit coupling, 2D-magnetism and 2D-superconductivity, alike novel oxide 2DEGs, and topological insulators