This combined school and workshop will bring together scientists specialized in theoretical, experimental and computational tools, to present the latest advances in methodology and techniques applied to the study of 2D materials. All aspects of 2D materials from fundamental properties to applications will be discussed, including recent advances on synthesis, characterization, modeling, and devices. Furthermore, particular attention will be given to spin-related phenomena in 2D materials, focusing on the emerging area of 2D spintronics.

This event will also promote the interaction among scientists working on the field of 2D materials with the aim of advancing the current understanding of their physical properties. This topic converges the interests of scientists and engineers that traditionally have different backgrounds and belong to diverse communities, and while sharing similar interests do not communicate often. Physicists, chemists and engineers will be involved in the event.

Finally, the workshop will provide an opportunity for the relatively small – but growing – community working in the area of 2D materials in Brazil to interact directly with other scientists with similar interests, both from Brazil and abroad.



* Week 1

– Plasmonic Properties of Graphene – Nuno Peres;

– Applications for 2D materials – Cecilia Mattevi.

* Week 2

– Group theory applied to 2D materials – Luiz Gustavo Cançado;

– Electron Microscopy in Low-dimensional Materials – Juan Carlos Idrobo.

* Week 3

– Spin transport in 2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures –

Stephan Roche and Roland R. Kawakami.






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