Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the Second EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON SURFACE SCIENCE that will be held in Capri, Italy, from September 21st to 23rd, 2016. The symposium is organized by the European Association on Materials Surface Science & Technology (EMASST).
EMASST is an Association which aims to bring subjects and skills together that work in the field of Science and Technology of materials surfaces.
EMASST promotes basic research activities, industrial development, production and addition of the new products within the market carried out by Universities, Research Centers and Industries of EU member countries (<>).

The main symposium goal is to bring scientists, professionals and researchers from various areas together to present and discuss topics related to Material Science and Surface Science to promote improvement of new products and processes.

The covered areas will be:
•Smart Coatings
•Surface Modification
•Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials
•Surface Characterization
•Surface phenomena on 3D Printing Process

The EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON SURFACE SCIENCE will be a unique event to encourage an unprecedented international cross-collaboration amongst fundamental and applied surface sciences and industrial world.

The conference will consider various new developments, both from an experimental and computational viewpoint. Special emphasis was given to the application of advanced theoretical and experimental approaches as well as multiscale and multidisciplinary approach. In particular the presented novelties will be focused on the potential application and to the industrial fallout.

The manuscripts that will be selected, as oral or poster presentations will be uploaded as short papers at the conference website where they are easily accessible to the international scientific community, while the abstracts will be published in a hard copy or CD at the conference proceedings.

All scientists, professionals, researchers involved or interested in the areas of the symposium are invited to registeruntil June 30, 2016and submit papers relating to the conference topics. Indicate your preference for an oral or poster presentation in the registration form.
Authors are requested to submit abstracts, preferably, by e-mail, as an attached file, to the following address:<>with «abstract for European Symposium» as Subjectnot later than April 30, 2016.The Abstract should be arranged as shown in the template in attach.

More information for the Symposium can be found on the webpage: <>

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to:<>

Best Regards
The Steering Committee