Miguel A. Alario-Franco invites all members of GEFES to submit communications to Symposium F2 “Functional materials based on Perovskite-type oxides and mixed oxide-anion solids: Ferroics, superconductors and related materials” of the XXVI INTERNATIONAL MATERIALS RESEARCH CONGRESS.

The present proposed Mexico-MRS symposium aims creating a forum for discussion including physicists – experimentalists and theoreticians- materials scientists, solid-state chemists, analytical scientists and device design engineers. The symposium will induce and facilitate interdisciplinary discussions between these differing “core groups”, thereby stimulating collaboration and strengthening activities in the, widely expanding field of multifunctional solids of which ferroics and multiferroics, superconductors and mixed oxide-anion solids are particularly important representatives. This meeting will for sure gather a significant number of high-level specialists that will find in the XXVI IMRC the optimal conditions for fruitful discussions and collaboration coordination.