The discovery of superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene has opened the gate to a new field in physics. The additional observation of neighbouring correlated phases, as well as their interplay with topological states of matter is challenging researchers in the field to predict, uncover and understand a broad number of physical phenomena. The goal of this school is to prepare a generation of scientists to tackle such interdisciplinary problems. The focus of this year’s edition will lie on twisted bilayer graphene, and higher-order and fragile topological phases, among other contemporary topics. It will touch on state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical aspects, that will allow students to grasp nuances of the field and develop their own research lines at the forefront of the field. To this end, our invited speakers  are recognized leaders in the field of twisted bilayer graphene and topological physics. It will feature a hands on session that will introduce the students to the computational method KWANT.

Our program will be spread among 2 weeks with 3 sessions a day. This will give students the opportunity to absorb and revise the lecture material and ask questions, without leaving aside their own research.